How can I help You?

My goal is to inspire and help people closer to their dreams and goals. I want to create a community of success-minded people, who have achieved success and created an opportunity for people around the world to start their own business. Your past does not matter, what matters is your dreams for the future and how much are you willing to work for it. So, how can I help you?

  • Do you feel like direct sales might be the field for you? Do you want to know more about our successful team?

  • Do you want some help in achieving your goals? I can find some time for you to put in place a plan that suits you to achieve your goals.

  • Different workshops on how to set goals as well as entrepreneurship. Invite me to your school or organisation!

  • Do you have something else in mind? Contact me! Together we will find a solution.

  • Kai Auger

    I have been working very closely with Kasper since 2015, and there has not been a week where we have not discussed new business ideas, shared life experiences or just organised great events. So I know exactly how much he contributes to personal development and self-improvement - it's admirable! I consider Kasper's greatest value to be his ability to set examples, illustrate, share stories and be good at every aspect. In addition, cooperation is always there, he can be 100% relied on. When you get on board with Kasper, he is fully committed and ready to be a mate, rower and a captain. He has a special talent for understanding, guiding and accepting people without criticizing them. I have performed on stage with Kasper as an evening host and speaker, and I can say that these have been some of my easiest and nicest preparations - not to mention how comfortable we feel together on stage. I very much appreciate Kasper's initiative, creativity and willingness to be better and do better every day.

  • Reno Donald

    Kasper has been an irreplaceable part of my life. For years he has been my good friend, always being there for me, never criticizing me but always being very understanding. Furthermore, he has always helped me fulfilling my ambitions. From a very young age, Kasper has recommended me books and together we've analysed those, sometimes through humour. Always the focus of our conversation has been looking for solutions not whining about problems. He has been one of the few who I can always rely on, in personal life, as well as official meetings. That's a rare personality trait, not only for youth but for everyone. For him I've had a chance to experience way more than just where I was headed. Talking to him I've gotten a clearer vision of my goals and whenever I've headed the wrong direction, he's helped me to get back on track or find the courage to choose another path.

  • Kristin Koskelainen

    We have been cooperating with Rudolf for almost a year now. He has always inspired and encouraged me to make my dreams come true. Whatever proposal I come up with, He supports and encourages my ideas, and we try to find solutions immediately so that dream can be easily be acheived in some way. Even in difficult times, it has been Him who encourages speaking. As He himself has beautifully said, we never turn to our support network in difficult times, but only when we are doing well. We need to do this at all times. When I need help, advice, He always answers, he always finds that time, given his busy schedule, he never misses to reply. The answers are usually very thought through, and He can always explain them so clearly in the form of examples that is very inspiring. He puts himself in the background to help the people around him, support and inspire us in his dreams. You are a real leader and I am honored to know you. Thank you!


This is a blog to express my thoughts and show many interesting situations that happen in my day to day life. Because direct sales in often misunderstood my many, I want to share my opinion and thoughts on this field, as well as bits of my life connecting to direct sales. Because I regularly work with many different people, then this is a place where I share some highlights of it.