Public speaking

From this page you will find more information of me speaking publicly

KOKOKO seminar in Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium

I performed at Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium, at Koidula School Conference. I gave two lectures on how to be the one who changes the game. How it is possible to start acheiving your dreams at a young age and differ from the masses.

Speaks at N21 stages

Network 21 is an international leadership training programme, operating in 30 countries and in 25 different languages. I have been to various seminars as an evening host, online coordinator and trainer. 

Training at Avinurme Gymnasium

I gave a lecture to students in grades 9-12 on how to be the one who changes the game. I encouraged everyone and gave practical ideas on how to reach the top!  

I was one of the speakers at the business conference in Saku Suurhall

I performed in front of Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish entrepreneurs in Tallinn, Saku Suurhall. I talked about how I started a business at a young age and what wonderful things have happened as a result.

Southeast Estonian State Gymnasiums' summer conference

I talked about setting goals and how to be an initiator. I helped high school students prepare their vision boards and we talked about their importance. What a practical and interesting training! 

Training at Valga Gymnasium

I gave a lecture to the 10th and 11th grade. We talked about entrepreneurship ans how to become an entrepreneur from a young age. We had a discussion on the importance of reading books and personal development.

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