I got some interesting questions through Instagram last week. I will share with you both these questions and my answers. Have a nice reading!

Hello! I am Anett and I remember you and your story, performing at Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium. Now it's time to go to a new school. In this regard, I would need an interesting interview for the school. Would you be willing to answer a few questions? I would send the questions by e-mail, the deadline would be no later than Thursday (8.10). The interview will not be published anywhere. If you can't find the time or the will, it's OK too!

Hi Anett! It's very nice I came in your mind! I would be happy to answer! I hope that the time has passed successfully and that you learned something from Koidula's performance!

PS! The name has been changed

How easy is it for young people to start a successful business? 

Starting a legal business in Estonia is very easy, so starting a business is certainly not difficult. How easy it is to start a successful business .. I may be naive, but if you are serious and passionate, it is doable for everyone. Is it easy? Success is never easy. If a young person starts today with something they have a passion for and an work ethic, it is definitely possible. Of course, the contact network and acquaintances are also an important part, but I believe it is easy to have them in Estonia because we are a small country where everyone knows everyone.

Is entrepreneurship popular? Why? 

I would like to highlight the Amway Business Survey (AGER https://majandus24.postimees.ee/4438047/uuring-enam-kui-pooled-eestlased-tahavad-saada-ettevotjateks ), which speaks of numbers. More than half of Estonians want to become an entrepreneur. Why? I believe that in the previous crises (2008) and the current crisis prove that paid employment is not as secure and secure as previously thought. They want to be masters of their time and are increasingly dreaming that maybe it is possible to create something that has a work and a hobbie in it together. 

Can anyone become a successful entrepreneur, or must there be a "small entrepreneur" inside of you that will lead you to success? 

My belief is certain, I believe that anyone can become a successful entrepreneur. Of course, you have to learn and overcome your fears, but today we have so many platforms and business support programs that help us to take the first steps in becoming a successful entrepreneur. As the proverb says, if a sant doesn't want to walk, he can't be forced either. Maybe because I work in a field where I help people start a business and some of them are completely green leaves before (have never done anything). I can say for sure that if you have an inner will and a dream, anything is possible. In short, anyone can become a successful entrepreneur, but not everyone can become a successful entrepreneur because he or she is not ready to make enough effort and overcome difficulties, but no personal qualities or the personality are directly needed to ensure success.

Who did you dream of becoming as a child?

I don't know why, but to be a president. Maybe someday I can 😀

What brought you together with Amway and how would you describe your experience at this company? 

I believe the most important thing is to understand that I would be lying if I said I was in Amway. That would mean I was an Amway employee, and that's not me. I'm just a partner with Amway and Network TwentyOne system. So the experience I have gained from Amway and what I have learned from it, I have learned as their partner. 

What brought me together with Amway? I knew a schoolclassmate from basic school, with whom we went to high school later. Since in his family there were entrepreneurs and I saw that they had a balance of time and money, I started researching more. No one has ever invited me to partner with Amway. I found people who had built a big international businesses with Amway, and I visited them until they agreed to teach me. These are the people to whom I am grateful for for the rest of my life, because the countless hours and energy they have contributed to my development have made me the person I am today. 

Experiences on working with Amway - I sometimes mention to my new partners that when I started working with Amway and those people, I was a "green leaf". Everything I have today is more or less related to this company or their partners and mentors. I learned work ethics, how to deal with "no", how to lead and build relationships with others, how to speak in public, how to overcome my fears, how to create learning habit, etc. 

Of course, neither Amway, N21, nor my mentors did anything for me, but they gave me a direction to go. It is said that the field of direct sales is a very good to learn about business, and I can confirm that if you are able to succeed in the field of direct sales, you can take any other field and use that knowledge there. How would I describe these experiences? Very instructive and educational. I believe that school education is necessary, but skills on how to lead oneself, how to lead people, how to build relationships, how to understand people, etc. are also very important. But I wasn't taught these things at school, they were taught by the business.

Does performing and inspiring young people in schools also give you new inspiration? 

Definitely! There is no better feeling than after a performance, someone comes to talk and say how I inspired them. Through performances, I have reached various people, who I have helped to achieve their goals through counseling and mentoring. In short, performing and inspiring people is the voice of my heart, which also brings tremendous energy.

Is it true that behind today's influencers are some of the most successful entrepreneurs? 

I believe that influencers are the future, because we trust less and less ads, but we trust the people we follow and identify with. They can use social media for themselves and turn it into a business. I think that trend-setters are a new form of entrepreneurship, and those who make a living from it can be considered a successful entrepreneur, but ordinary entrepreneurs will certainly not go away either.

What advice would you give to people of any age who would like to start their own business but don't dare? 

I like one example. Imagine two people, who are exactly the same, with the same education, the same age and the same personality traits. There is only one thing that distinguishes them. Their close friends. Close friends of the first person are the 5 wealthiest and most successful people in Estonia. The other person's close friends are 5 alchoholics. Which do you think is more likely to succeed and why?

Consequently, find people in your life who will encourage and support you. If those people can't be found, at least read personal development books, listen to poadcasts, and so on. They will all affect your thinking and give you the courage to succeed.

What's the secret of success? 

Short answer - Passion, dream and work ethic. I believe that the secret of success is either a dream or a nightmare. I will cite the situation as an example. If you go to the doctor and find out that if you do not exercise and do not change your diet, you will die in 3 months. Would you be motivated to work out? If a similar situation happened in your life and you died in 3 months, if you did not succeed, then for a moment this nightmare would motivate you and make you act. Another option, a much better option, is a dream. When you have a great desire to change or create something, to give something to the world, and that feeling inspires you to work and contribute with greater passion, a similar energy develops that makes you feel invincible. Why is this better? If your dream is running away from a nightmare, the moment you escape the nightmare, your motivation disappears. If you have succeeded in a dream, you will most likely find a new dream to pursue or help someone else to follow.

Performance at Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium LOE ROHKEM

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